My view on mentalism magic

Magic is a very special thing, no matter what age you can appreciate magic. I remember as a child going to magic sure in even know the magician wasn’t very good the event will always stay my mind it was a very special performance from me. Anything as a child that questions your very existence and they should think that there’s something more out there, something more special and possibly the ability to do magical and wonderful things is a fantastic gift to give a child. As you get a little bit older very simple magic tricks lose their appeal especially to know how they done. Magicians such as David Copperfield perform amazing feats that keep adults interested in guessing how we does them and it was like that quite a while. Though narrow growth bit more definitely have an affinity to a specific type of magic. That can magic is Mentalism. Mentalism also has another meaning in psychology which means you a little bit crazy but that isn’t what were going focus on here what will focus on here is mentalism magic.

mentalism magic

Mentalism magic is magic of the mind it’s less of relying on tricks and props and more about mental magic many mentalists give the ability that they can read minds or have some kind of pre-cognition. This is the kind magic that the KGB and CIA wishes was real. It’s the type of magic where you can perform remote viewing and clairvoyance. If you’ve ever seen magic tricks where the performer will give someone in the audience a piece of paper and asked them to make a drawing or see Sam all tenuously tries to make the same drawing that is mentalism.

Darren Brown is by far the most popular and mainstream mentalist around today it is also thought the art of mentalism to the next level. The way he delivers his acts and the way he performs the sure to rise during that much more. He genuinely makes you think he knows how to read minds. It’s not always about reading someone’s mind or a lot of what Darren does is about the power of suggestion he will implant an idea into your head once you do this it’s far easier to suggest that you can read someone’s mind as you just put the idea there in the first place.

I’ve always been attracted to mentalism ever since I first saw it I can’t remember the magician but it was an American actor was some really silly facial hair and he did an act where he guessed correctly a word from a book that seem to be picked at random you can find this video on you tube it’s still available and even gives a tutorial on how he does it it’s incredibly simple once you know how as with most magic. This is also one of the things I really love about Darren Brown is quite transparent with a lot of how you performed shows you can see this in an the museum robbery show he did where I had all people come in a rather painting and it shows you exactly how we does it. She also see on a few of his other acts including the chess game where you players multiple grandmasters and beats more than half of them.

Mentalism magic isn’t the easiest thing to learn and your options are quite limited because of its nature. Because it’s quite a amazing card magic it’s also closely guarded secret. A lot of the acts that Devon performance include hypnotism and reading people’s body language. Learning these things will take you a long way in your’s struggles become a fantastic mentalist. There is a lot of material around that you can get that will help you become a better mentalist you can read books are get her e-book course such as the master mentalism course which is probably the best thing to do. Also look on you tube and five some easy card tricks that you can perform on friends and family even simple tricks will help you understand the principles and fundamentals of learning and becoming a better performer should practice as often as possible if you want to become a good mentalist.

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